Things I’d like to see more of in media

characters wearing medical alert bracelets

characters taking medication with their meals

characters mentioning that they have a therapy appointment

characters with reminders to eat in their phones/calendars/planners

characters using stim toys

characters asking if an event is accessible

characters using noise cancelling headphones

characters who are disabled all the time, not just when the plot “calls for it”

characters who are disabled all the time, not just when the plot “calls for it”


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Anonymous asked: Spaniards, Italians, and Greeks, and other people from the Balkans need to be labeled as PoC. Southern Europeans suffer from plenty of discrimination and oppression from Northern Europeans.



No. That’s called discrimination and xenophobia. Oppression doesn’t automatically grant POC status. You guys are white. Sorry to say that white people are generally shitty even to their own people. Besides, don’t act like Southern Europeans are total saints. They are pretty shitty to POC in their countries, native or tourists.


People are really advocating for white people to be labelled as people of color? gtfo with that shit


“‘White’ is an arbitrary label having more to do with privilege than biology. In the United States, groups initially considered nonwhite, such as the Irish and Jews, have attained ‘white’ membership by acquiring status and wealth.” (Source: Rutgers- Are Asian Americans Becoming “White”?)

This is also true for darker skinned people from the Mediterranean. “White” is a social structure more than a strict discernment of skin-pigmentation or ancestry.

Life is too Short to Read Bad Books (Unless You’re A Writer)


Bad books exist.

Books with flat characterization, boring plots, stale conflicts, and/or problematic content. They’re out there, and sometimes they can be so bad, they’re downright painful to get through.


But even bad books have their merits. Believe it or not, reading the occasional bad book can really help you grow as a writer. Powering through a particularly shitty book can highlight what doesn’t work for you.While you’re reading, keep a tab on what makes you roll your eyes. What makes you want to stop reading. What just simply pisses you off. Remember those things and avoid them while working on your own stories.

A wonderful exercise to consider is rewriting passage that annoy you.Found a particular scene that makes you want to rip your hair out? Know you can do better? Well, put your money where your mouth is and REWRITE THAT SHIT.

Another lovely perk to reading shitty books is the huge confidence boost it supplies.Reading something that you know is terrible, but still got published, is usually a huge confidence booster for unpublished writers, and that’s totally okay. A bad book might be just want you need to realize how much your own work shines.

So pick up a book you know will suck every now and then. It’s worth it.

Happy writing, lovelies.

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Secret to writing a bestseller: You write. You stop dreaming of writing. You stop talking about writing. Stop wishing you were writing. And you write. — Jonathan Gunson (via writingquotes)

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Some Selected Readings I’ve Come Across Recently:



READ THESE PLEASE. Amazing bit of information to make you a better writer.

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The Shape of Ideas

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I love the process of writing and, if I allowed myself, I would write far too much every day. — Walter Dean Myers (via writersrelief)

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May I get a hands up from writers who aren’t English majors?

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering… the only thing I’m engineering these days is my word count.


Nearly every YA novel I have ever read


My Last Couple Of Days (The Writing Process In A Nutshell)